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My recent large hiatus and the creams I used

The last few months have been particularly hectic, and I could go on and on about it, but here’s a quick dump of notables.

The holiday was really good and it was nice to hang out in Chicago and explore. Kids had a great time there and in Florida and everyone was well and in good spirits. Couldn’t have asked for more, other than a longer trip and a smidgen less heat.

We then moved house for the second time in six months. This is to accommodate a large renovation project on our place which, when complete, will be amazing. Loft conversion into a bedroom with terrace and shower room and a downstairs conversion of shower room and dining room into a large kitchen/diner. I can’t wait to cook some special meals downstairs and then have a large drink on the terrace watching beautiful sunsets across The Forth.

Of course, renovation comes with issues and we’ve had our fair share from day 1. Dry rot and woodworm are the main culprits but we also have a suspended floor which isn’t as suspended as it should be, so needs to be fixed. Still, at least we’re finding this when there’s work going on and we can tackle it now when we’re somewhere else rather than living in the area.

Work (real work) has been a little mental with some comings and goings (including one was going but changed their mind and are now keen to stay) coupled with the increasing onslaught of audits which seem to have come in increasingly strong waves over the past few months. This, coupled with service issues and the usual political shenanigans has kept me quite busy during the week thanks very much.

All of which has meant that spare time (ie evenings and weekends) have meant concentrating on the family and relaxing as a group. Well, that is when I’m not taking work home with me.

Upshot is, creatively I’ve been feeling a little barren. Which is to say, I’ve not been putting finger to keyboard but still have had time to daydream about the projects that I was working on before the recent large hiatus (for which I have creams so I’m feeling better now).

But time and writing waits for no man, so I’m gearing up for a concerted effort to get back on track which means more drabble, some short stories, editing of Am/Dram and all that jazz.

Stay tuned everyone, and if you tuned out I completely understand. Lets just say that our satellite dish got a little knocked but with some tuning and a clearer direction, your normal broadcasts will return.

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