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Monday Musings: The Week Ahead

This Friday I head off on holiday which I am ever so slightly looking forward to.

On the downside, there are many things I need to get sorted before I fly. These are:

  1. Get a wedding present (for we are going to a wedding mid July) which is sorted, but needs to be picked up on Thursday.
  2. Pack (including enough reading material)
  3. Shop for toys/books to keep Holly amused on the flight (over 7 hours on one flight will be interesting to say the least)
  4. Handover work

Since I am going to a relatively modern place on holiday, I should have Internet access. However, its probably going to be more sporadic than normal so I am working on creating a few spare drabbles and Recipe Tuesdays to schedule so that you never have to go a day without content from me. You lucky, lucky people.

Oh, and I posted an article over at Thanks to the wonderful Johanna for letting me do so. Check out the site if you get the chance as there are a lot of good pieces up there, and an awful lot of authors with bios to read and work to sample.

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