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Past Comics of Note: Superboy and The The Legion Of Superheroes #251

I loved this comic as a child.

I would have been in Primary 7 – so between 11 and 12 years old – when I picked up this run.  This issue was the second part of a story which found the Legion going up against Omega, which in turn had been created by the apparently mad-as-a-hat-stand, Brainiac 5.

Of course Brainiac was only doing it or the good of the universe (if he could control it, all would be good he posited) and used the Miracle Machine to create this manifestation of hate.

The classic denouement featured Matter Eater Lad consuming The Miracle Machine, destroying Omega and saving the universe. Of course, he was driven insane, but whatyagonnado?

So, not so much Deux Ex Machina but more Deux Ate Machina.

Still, this wondrous machine did survive in some way, to appear in the recent DC Comics universe shaping mini, Final Crisis.

What I remember most about this issue was that I was reading it on my morning break, and during class I was working with the girl sitting beside me to literally dig myself out of the class. I had a metal teaspoon for some reason and was chipping away at the corner of the window frame. Needless to say, I never got out. That escape plan came about because I loaned her the comic and she enjoyed it. Subsequently, I let her read the other comics I bought over the next few weeks, until we moved to High School.

Ah, nostalgia.


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