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Past Comics of Note: Incredible Hulk #223

So, I’ve decided to do an occasional post on comics that mean something to me

First up Incredible Hulk #223.

This was the first part of a multi-part arc where Banner was finally cured of his Hulk persona. The bit that was really interesting to me was that it was almost as if the gamma radiation that fueled the beast ran out. There he was hopping around the place and then suddenly… he stopped and changed into puny Banner again.

If only his villains had known that at some stage, this Green Engergiser Bunny would run out of gas, they could have saved themselves a load of grief and just waited it out.

Alas, for his rogues gallery (and other objects, both animate and inanimate that he liked to smash frequently) later in the storyline Bruce had to take another shot of Gamma radiation to primarily halt his impending death, and save the day from The Leader. From recollection, this would not only bring out his Hyde side once more, but it also meant that the “cure” that had sprung out of nowhere would never happen again.


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