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Past Comics of Note: Authority #2

You may wonder why the second issue of the series, when the first was the introduction of this new, JLA-analogy-with-balls? Well it could be because this was the first time you really see the Authority kicking arse and not bothering to take names (although there was one panel for each character at the end of #1) but the real reason is because it made me take a leap in terms of my comics reading.

I had started reading comics again at College, but only picked up the occassional trade. When I moved to Edinburgh and started to work for a living, I picked up the odd book or two a month. After time, I picked up more but never took out a subscription.

When Authority #1 hit, I picked it up straight away having been prepped by the ads in other Wildstorm books leading up to its release (Planetary was similarly advertised and got my attention early).

The next month I went by the comic shop to pick up Authority #2 and found it was sold out. I went to the next one and it too was sold out. I cursed a little and knew that I needed to get the second issue.

Luckily I was heading to San Francisco for a few weeks (there first, then up the coast to LA) and when I was there I visited a comic shop and found a copy of the elusive #2. I grabbed it and the next issue (for it was out) and made my mind up then and there to make sure I never missed another issue.

When I got home, I visited the local comic shop and put down my first subscription (pull list for those in the know). There were about 6-8 titles there, and over the next few years more were added and some removed.

So, The Authority vol 1 #2, made my set up a pull list and made me commit to comics for the first time.

As for The Authority itself, I think the best description was coined by Warren Ellis as he describes his run with Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary and Laura Depuy (whose wonderful colours are still a revelation):

“… for twelve issues we were the fucking beatles.”


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