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Monday Musings: The Horror of a Missing Wallet

Sometimes I wonder if I’m losing my mind.

I used to know a lot of things, mostly trivia of course, but still I did have a really good memory. So much so that I was extremely good at remembering what happened on nights out when everyone – including myself – was extremely drunk. This of course could have been all my imagination, but at the time the recollection was clear and some of my friends weren’t terribly happy about the revelations.

Anyway, I used to recall a lot, but not so much now. Often I can’t recall an actor in a film that years ago I would have been able to update at the drop of a hat. Sometimes I struggle to remember the names of ex-work colleagues that I meet again on the street. A lot of the time I forget to do things, but they never end up to be that critical anyway so its not too big a deal.

However, I’m begining to lose things more often which is worrying.

Case in point was yesterday, when I found at the end of the day that my wallet was lost. It was found luckily, but my lack of recollection of where I last saw it – apart from a brief glimpse of memory in my head where I saw it in the inside of the driver’s door that morning which I wasn’t really that sure about either – did worry me.

While I was concerned that I may have lost it and then would have gone through the entire rigmarole of cancelling cards and getting replacements, not to mention having to – gasp – physically go to a bank to withdraw cash for the week, the main worry for me was am I really getting more forgetful and is it related to age or a lack of concentration?

My head does seem to be filled with more nonsense – okay, I do like to think of it as creativity and imagination – than usual and perhaps I am being more forgetful because as I try to keep focused on a particular project, rolling it around in my head or working through some plot points/character motivations, I am pushing more important, real life tasks and priorities to the back of the queue and missing the little things.

Like my money, credit cards and all that good stuff. Oh, and my daughter’s buggy which I managed to leave and drive away from last month. Luckily I had managed to remember to put her in the car and realised the buggy was missing and still had time to drive back around and pick it up.

So, now I’m double checking and triple checking – nope, not going to go that far – to ensure I have my wallet with me whenever I may need it. While it doesn’t add any more time to my journeys – and to be honest, its just been one day so far – I do worry where it will all end, especially if I have to start all the double-checking for things like keys*, laptop, clothes and children.

Or maybe I shoudn’t worry and just go with the flow and maybe not eat for a day or so.

* Interestingly, I always check for my keys and my work pass on weekdays. Which is perhaps odd, or perhaps I’m more willing to run around with no cash for a bit than be locked out of the office or borrow someone else’s card.
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