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Monday Musings: A Father’s Day Recap

Yesterday was a great day.

Even though Holly woke up in the middle of the night and it took a while to get her back to sleep (turned out she was hungry as she hadn’t had much in the way of dinner the night before) we all managed to sleep until 08:30 which was nice. Liam wrote the card (even writing Holly and Neela’s names, and adding a Neela paw print) and gave it to me just before we went out to his swimming lesson.

After swimming, it was off for a nice walk with Neela through the park where we met up with some neighbours who had just done the Walk For Life. I instantly felt bad that I haven’t done much for charity since the Edinburgh to St Andrew’s bike ride 10 years or so ago. Need to do something about that, and there will be a future post as well.

Then it was back to the house to drop off Neela and a nice walk back over to Holyrood 9A for lunch. Holyrood 9A is a gourmet burger pub and have some brilliant combinations (including beer mustard and hoppy cheese) and a lot of beer on tap. We had a fun lunch and the kids were behaving surprisingly well.

Back home Holly had a nap while Liam and I had some fun playing tennis, baseball and bowling on the Wii. This then led to us making some rather sticky and sweet rice crispie cakes with marshmallow and smarties. Rather too many of those now exist but I’m sure they won’t last too long.

When Holly woke we played a little more, before I cooked dinner for both and started making shepherd’s pie (which is for tonight). Holly went to bed at her usual time, and Liam and I played some more Wii as part of his Golden Time.

Finally, I got to read Liam some more Cows In Action before he went to bed.

The night ended with some toast and cheese and wine.

A brilliant Father’s Day.

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