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Monday Brain Funk

So I’m sitting hear on my lunch break trying to come up with today’s drabble but getting nowhere. A few broken nights’ sleep will do that to a person, and doubly so my alter ego – The Procrastinator. Still, while my head is feeling like someone poured gelatine in it and let it set, thoughts are still with getting one out today. Hmm, perhaps there’s a better way to phrase that.

The daily drabble post is working quite well. I find that it only takes 10-15 minutes to bang one out, with the actual idea popping into my head when I first fire up a new post from the site.

I find it slightly amazing in that the stories often morph into something completely different, even in the short time taken to complete them. For example, initially the end of The Hero Returns, the warrior returned to find his village conquered as planned and then he could rule. However, when I got down to writing the final line, I thought I’d add a little twist and make him more like a petulant child and his whole reason for doing this was because he wasn’t allowed to stay up late. It was a bit left field and may or may not have worked, but hey nothing ventured etc.

In terms of where this is going, I’m not sure. Its an exercise at the moment and keeps me focused on writing on a day to day basis. I’m sure I’ll skip a day or so – life happens -and thats why I didn’t put it down as a challenge for myself to do a week of, month of, or year of. Its not about putting pressure on, but more about keeping my hand in.

Now, I’m off to finish lunch and postpone the drabble for this evening.

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