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Eureka moments

There’s nothing better than when things come together.

It is even more satisfying if you have been grappling with a particular problem – or in the case that brings me to write this post, a plot point – and the answer falls seemingly out of the sky. The strange thing is that, even though you’ve been toiling over the same problem for so long, and excerted so much effort, its all pretty much forgotten when you get the solution.

The relief washes over like the first handfuls of water in the morning, and the sense of achievement soon follows, allowing you to bask in the glory of clarity. I would describe the feeling as Zen like but I’ve not finished my studies as yet – the table of contents is so mesmerising – so its more like a legal brain buzz.

Life becomes wonderful again, until you hit the next problem and go through the cycle once more.

Sometimes there are real bonuses when something leaps out at you when you’re not even looking for it, and it sparks your creativity or adds a new development or element to your story. This time its more like a solution for a problem you didn’t know you had, so you feel all the benefits but without the pain.

This happened to me yesterday.

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