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Drabble Day – Guest

When looking up fellow drabble creators I noticed The Writaholic’s Blog and that Aheila has a drabble challenge. So I thought I’d give this one a try. Its called Drabble Day – Guest.


“So, you’ve broken through my state of the art defenses, incapacitated my private army and disabled my robot attack dogs,” Dr Williams hissed as he circled the man bound to the chair. “You made it to my secret chamber before finally meeting my ninja nuns.”

The man shook his head to combat the pain.

“Have you any last words before I kill you?” Williams growled.

The man looked up and smiled.

“I’m sorry your pizza order took longer than 30 minutes,” he said cheerily. “Your business is important so please accept this free dessert voucher to use within 30 days.”


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