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A tale from Hope Town Past

Over the years I’ve been back and forward on both Hope Town and the main protagonist DI Pontius Smith (the history of which can be foundĀ at the following handy links: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four ).

Anyway, I’ve been humming and hawing about whether to concentrate my efforts into the TV series or the novel and this was beginning to get on my proverbials. So, a couple of weeks ago when i went to bed, I picked up a pad and pen and started to write a short story centering around a past and gruesome murder investigation that Pontius Smith investigated. It is (I hope) a funny and strange tale, and I the intention is to complete it shortly and post it here.

Other than a fun little exercise it helped me decide where to go.

Over the weekend I reviewed the opening chapter of the Hope Town novel and found that it wasn’t as good as I’d like (I tend to do this, which is why ‘Tec was quite far along but then reeled back in to fix) so I sat down with a glass (or three) of wine and banged out a new opening chapter which I am much, much happier with.

On the minus side, it means that I’ve had to rethink some of the plot points. On the positive side, its re-invigorated me and I’m now pressing forward.

I’m now working on the novel every alternate night and doing some relaxing for the other. That relaxing piece has also included me creating some mock ups of the novel cover. The fruit of that particular bout of creativity will be published later this week.

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