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April is going to be interesting

I’ve been dancing around the idea of writing a children’s book series for a couple of years now. The concept and format has changed in that time, but the theme has remained the same. In fact, those previous formats aren’t dead in the water and could be just as applicable in the future, but the key for me is that I want to write these books for my son and at the moment I need to keep pace with his reading abilities as well as his interests.

Thats not to say they won’t be interesting to girls, because I both fully intend they will be and hope that they are. Its just that I want to write something that he can enjoy at the moment and that he can help critique and, by extension, help me write. Further down the line I also want to take the original format and produce something that my daughter will enjoy as she gets to the stage where she is more interested in reading and stories in general.

Of course now I have a time limit to complete the first book in the series as my son may at some stage grow out of either the story or the hook, so I need to get cracking.

Which is why I’m going to write the first book in April.

I had originally contemplated doing Script Frenzy in April after the fun that was Nanowrimo in November. However, I’m not sure I want to or could rush a script out in that time, but I do like the idea of setting a deadline and being disciplined for a set period. So I decided to use the time to crack on and write the first book in the series and look to complete it in 30 days. The difference being that I won’t be just banging out words to hit a specific limit, but looking to complete a first draft and a revision so that the quality is higher and I can run the true test.

Read it to my son.

As ever I’ll document the process as we go, so stay tuned.

April is going to be interesting.

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