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Updated Bio – Thanks #amwriting

Thanks to the spiffing #amwriting site, I’ve created a new bio. It was quite freeing really. You should try it.

If you’ve got a few minutes and are a writer or aspiring to be, take that time and sign up at

And as for the bio:

By day I work because I’m no hunter/gatherer. By early evening I play dad and husband, with a side order of chef. By night I don my costume which is eerily similar to a long sleeved t-shirt and what I like to call lounge pants (or pyjama trousers) and create. Often I procrastinate, but of late the muse is on overdrive.

There are various projects in different states, a smattering of which are detailed thusly:

  • Am/Dram, a black comedy/murder mystery has now completed the first draft stage and will barrel into editing over the festive period
  • Hope Town: The TV Series is a 6 episode darkly comedic sitcom which is half outlined and will be completely outlined by end of January
  • Hope Town: The Novel is outlined and has the ocassional toe dipped into its fluidy goodness. It shares some characters with Hope Town: The TV Show and takes place some time before. It is also Part Three of the MacGuffinit Trilogy
  • ‘Tec is Part One of the MacGuffinit Trilogy and tells the story of a man’s childhood love for all things detective-y and how sometimes you should grow out of things
  • The Business of Thought is allegedly Part Two of the MacGuffinit Trilogy but may not see the light of day. It may instead be replaced by The Six because I like those characters. Oh, and Jennifer too.
  • As Yet Untitled Screenplay is plotted and has the first 13 pages written but I think that since it was written in long hand, I’ve lost that. Oh dear. Still, it starts off with an exploding car so its all good
  • The Kids Project is something I’ve been tinkering with on and of for a year and hope to continue with as time progresses. I need to remember how to draw though and hope to collaborate with my children

So, lots going on and nothing completed is what you will probably take from this. Oh, but you would be wrong. Or will be.

Progress can be found on my website: where I blog and drop updates on the various projects. I also unleash my favourite recipes on Recipe Tuesday, so there’s something to feed the stomach as well as the soul (did I really just write that?)

I’m also on that Twitter thing as macguffinit so please follow me (which alway seems odd and as if I’m inviting stalkers, which I’m not just in case you’re wondering) if you want to read my thoughts made flesh on the page.

Oh, and something else will be starting in the next week or so which will rock the very foundations of the English language.

Or not. 

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