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The History of Hope Town (Part 4) – Finale!

When we last left things, our hero Pontius Smith was a traffic warden working in Edinburgh. But why had he moved from Detective Inspector to traffic warden*? Simply put, he had had enough. Something had happened in Hopetoun which pushed him over the edge and, following a slight nervous breakdown he decided on a slightly quieter (albeit still adventurous*) life of a traffic warden. The incident is detailed in the narrative of Hope Town, but I won’t spoil it here.

Suffice to say, Pontius is dragged back into the strange place that he once left and finds himself the only hope of providing some form of sanity in what is rapidly becoming an insane world.

So, with the novel outlined and the first few chapters written, you would think that Pontius Smith and Hope Town’s future would be set. Of course, it isn’t.

Earlier this year, I was revisiting Stackers (another project which is in hiatus) which is a sitcom I was prepping and my mind wandered to Psychoville and that other wonderful series by some of the same creators, The League of Gentlemen. Mulling over the partial scripts for Stackers and finding a way to procrastinate but still do something on Hope Town, I hit on the idea of it morphing into a 6 x 30 minute episode black comedy set in this reimagined Hopetoun which is home to the strange and unusual. The first episode opens and closes with a murder, as do each subsequent episode. Of course, this means that there is a need for a local police force, and their top cop is none other than Pontius Smith.

So, there you have it.

From a misunderstanding about a defaced Mel Gibson picture to an idea for a comedy which is a sort of League of Gentlemen meets Miss Marple, via some episodic short chapters and a novel idea.

Hope Town.

Coming soon(ish).

*Not that there’s an issue with being a traffic warden. Its not a downward step compared to being a policeman or anything like that, okay? Especially for those people who are traffic wardens and find my car waiting for someone on a side street on a single yellow line. Okay?
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