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Slowing Down

Going into work today, after dropping off children at school, I was reminded of something a new friend said a few weeks ago. It was at my friend Jess’ place, where she hosts a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for her mum, American chums and close friends. After we’ve tucked into a marvellously warm, delicious and filling meal, we go around the table and give thanks for whatever we feel like giving thanks for. As is often the case, thanks go to family, friends, food and formica (maybe? I don’t know) and my own seemed a bit like a cross between a late night monologue and a fillibuster which I won’t bore you with now.

One of the guests, Michael, said he was thankful for the snow and when he elaborated, he said he was thankful for the fact that the world slows down. I didn’t quite get it at the time, but after being out this morning walking cautiously over the ice; stomping through the thick snow and generally taking in the beauty of a sunny yet bitterly cold day it clicked.

We all spend so much time hurtling around getting from place to place, rushing from one appointment to another, that we never get the time to slow down or stop and marvel at the place we live in. Sure, we go out into the countryside and get closer to nature, climbing or hill walking, but even then we have an end goal to get to and the entire time we’re thinking about getting there.

That never stops, but every so often it seems as though nature wants to remind us about how wonderful and often beautiful our surroundings are and so throws up a pile of snow and freezing conditions to slow us down. We still get to our ultimate destination, but there’s no way we can get there any faster than nature will allow so we can take our time and enjoy the view.

I did this morning.

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