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8 Days of Madness

As said before the next 8 days are going to be chaotic. I move house in 6, and then go on holiday in 8. The past few weekends have found little time for me to do any writing as I’ve spent ages in the loft clearing it out ready for the move. This weekend will be more of the same, if not worse as we hit the shed which will mean a lot more physical work and the disposal of lawn mowers and various bits and pieces of external rubbish (including a Swingball that has definitely seen better days).

Sometime this weekend I also need to start packing for the holiday and its sort of difficult sorting out enough space to do so in an already jam packed house. Still, I’m sure I’ll struggle on.

On the writing plus side, I’ve printed off the draft of Am/Dram and will now pack it away this weekend ready for the copious margarita fuelled editing.

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