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Sierra Nevada is everywhere (thank God)

One thing I love about trips to the States is Sierra Nevada (as mentioned on Day 13 of last year’s 40 Days of Awesome). A wonderful beer and one I can’t get enough of. Thing is, its hard to get in the UK, only appearing in the occasional specialist beer outlet.

Until now.

It seems to be everywhere and I’m not sure if its a promotion (if it is and the Brewers are reading this, let me know and I’ll happily endorse it for some free cases) but its wonderful.

First it appeared in a local bar right on time for my leaving do (and on tap as well – heaven) and now its at every supermarket alcohol aisle, calling to me when I do the weekly shop.

Anyway, the point of this is that I’m currently back in the Nano swing and enjoying several bottles of this wonderful drink.

Here’s to drinking and the creative process.


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