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#Nanowrimo Day 15: The Midway Point

At the end of today, there will be only 15 more days to go. Personally I’m over half way there and have been taking some time to think about how best to tackle the rest of the novel in the days I have left. I totted up the pages and at the moment Act One is around 15, Act Two is 45-50 and Act 3 about 40. To get the balance right I’m therefore going to hit Act One for the next few sessions. This will help me flesh out the characters a little, which I know is a bit backwards but its the only way I was able to keep writing at the pace I have been.

Still, there are exchanges and plot points which feature all of the characters in the Second and Third Acts which reflect their nature and motivations┬ábased on characters sketches so it shouldn’t be too difficult to go back and work from there.

However, and I’ll address this in a future post, there is a problem with the tone shift which I’m trying to work on making less jarring. That may not be possible within the bounds of the 30 days, but needs to be nailed when I’m editing beyond.

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