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#Nanowrimo 2010: Day 7 – The first week endeth

So its the last day of the first week, and I’m ahead of schedule. Total words so far stand at 15,335 and I’m pretty damn pleased.

I’ve hit the wall a couple of times already, but referring back to the Day 5 post, I look to leap around like a leapy thing* and ensure I keep writing.

Saturday night was fun because while dragging my heals a little, something clicked in terms of plot development and I started battering* out the words.

The plan today is to hit the minimum target (1,667 words) to keep on track and to ensure that I don’t take a day when I’m behind schedule (I think thats the way the way the NanoStats works), but also leave me some precious time to spend with my family.

For those of you taking part, good luck this weekend. Its a biggie.

*Give me a break. 7 days in and I’m allowed to be a little creatively bankrupt
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