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#Nanowrimo 2010 – Day 5 – Non-linear progression

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t write a story in a linear way if I was paid to. Okay, that last bit may be a lie, but if you did pay me you may have to wait much much longer for it.

It could be something I could discipline myself to do, but whenever I try – even though the whole thing can be meticulously plotted out from start to finish – at some stage the narrative dries up and I either end up in procrastination purgatory or leap off to write something far more interesting (and perhaps simpler) instead.

Of course that helps in actually progressing the story, but after that exciting piece is done, its difficult to go back and pick things up again – if it was boring once, it’ll be boring again.

There’s an easy, and obvious, way to get around this and that is to write interesting prose and when you come to think about it, thats what your reader wants – they don’t want to drop off in the middle of the book, or after a period of excitement or serious plot progression. So, just think of yourself as a reader as well as the writer, and make sure you can keep your own attention. Otherwise, re-read and re-plot if it is key, or remove it entirely if its filler.

Wait, did that read as though I was giving advice?


Anyway, the beauty of Nanowrimo is that your task is to keep writing, so if you do get stuck at a tricky chapter or scene, make the notes you want and then leap off to the next chapter or scene which you are ready to tackle. I have been finding that when this does happen to me during this project I tend to process the tricky section as I’m writing one that is more simple. Completing that part gives me a boost of confidence and often inspiration, and allows me to go back and tackle the difficult section.

Now, when I have lots of spare time at some point in the future, I’ll give this linear writing a shot. Why not, eh?

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