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#Nanowrimo 2010: Day 30 – Its All Over (A Final Extract)

Well done to everyone who has finished Nanowrimo this year.

Now I need to think about what I’ll be doing for the next month to keep the updates on this blog. Hmmm.

In the meantime, here’s a final extract from Am/Dram from the beginning  of Act 3:

“Let us begin at the beginning.”

Gregory stood at the front of the stage, facing the rest of the group who all sat on the chairs that Peter had laid out in a long semi circular form around the stage itself. He had his hands clasped behind his back and his head was slightly bowed, as he worked through the facts in his head and prepared his oration.

He had prepared as best he could in the moments since Peter had gone for the ropes and bound Richard. It was simple for him to slip back into the dressing room, past Del’s corpse which was now covered by a blood stained blanket, and over to the make-up box. He used all of his skills in the short time he had to adequately cover his face with the requisite amount of greasepaint and then highlight his most prominent features – around his eyes, over his lips and along his nose – to ready himself for his audience. In all, it had taken him no more than five minutes and he looked perfect in the part.

This was how all of the best detectives worked; assembling the suspects together in one room and, with more than a little flamboyance, revealing the truth behind the crimes and confronting the guilty. In many cases, of course, the trick was in keeping the audience on tenterhooks and with t

Mary had done her bit well, brewing cup after cup of hot, sweet tea. Gregory had managed to sneak out to his car and liberate a bottle of whisky he had bought on his weekly shopping trip and used it to add some extra warmth to calm the nerves and relax them all. He had even broken open the chocolate digestives which had been quickly, and surprisingly, devoured by the nervous stomachs around the stage.

In his mind now, with everyone relaxed as they could be, the stage was set.

“Motives,” he continued. “That is what we need to consider above all things.”

He paused for a beat. This was a performance after all.

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