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#Nanowrimo 2010: Day 3 – Where are these names coming from?

When I was working at plotting and creating characters for Am/Dram, I had a list of character names which seemed simple, common and grounded in the UK. Sure there were some that seemed, to me, to be more grandiose or appropriate to their role – Gregory Black – but in the main they were like John Frewer, Karen James and Cheryl James.

So, good.

Then, why the hell are the first words written “Marlee Grainger”?

No offence to the myriad Marlee Graingers out there – and I haven’t Googled, but I’m sure there will be – but it just doesn’t fit so why did I decide to put that name in there and name the character such?

Its a character change really and one that demonstrates the magic of Nano, in that its all written in a short period of time and a lot of it is on the hoof. This happened with this character because originally she was a mid-thirties mother of three, using the amateur dramatic life as an outlet and an escape from her daily routine, which is still there of course, but has now got added meaning because she is Canadian rather than British.

Why the twist, because frankly she has enough on her plate? Well, there’s always room for more on the plate – especially peas; don’t take up much space and can be a delicious addition – and I thought it would be fun to see this through the eyes of an outsider to the community so to speak, albeit one who has been part of said community for a few years now.

So, the name appeared as the character became fleshed out and Marlee Grainger was born.

Now, Del Brooke? Oh dear….

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