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#Nanowrimo 2010: Day 26 – Come Together

My prediction of at least 4,000 words for the new Chapter 20 didn’t quite manifest itself, but the 1,500 or so that it eventually evolved from did two things – took me over the 45,000 word mark and gave Del his moment of clarity when he discovered who killed Rebecca.

That last point is so important because it ties the entire novel together. I had to find a way for Del to work out the truth, so that it could set up his meeting with the killer at the village hall which was the catalyst for the story. What made it all so much harder was that this happens as a flashback which makes up Act Two, so I had to think a little more a jig things about for it to work. It also had to allow the reader to identify the clue and from there it does reveal the killer. The way it has played out means that it has but obviously when the first draft is done to meet the timescales and I can get into the editing phase I can concentrate on that part a bit more to make sure it works exactly as I want it to.

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