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#Nanowrimo 2010: Day 17 – Tonal Shifts

As the novel continues one thing is starting to annoy me; the tonal shift between the beginning of Act One and the rest of the book. The introduction of the initial few characters leaned more to the comedic side, whereas within ten pages we have a woman whose life has been defined by the tragi-comic end of her relationship with her husband and then twenty or so pages later an evisceration.

My first desire is to edit, which as has been noted before is a no-no as part of Nanowrimo. Re-reading what I’ve written and seeing the tonal shifts is jarring, and its becoming difficult to keep going knowing that its there and I would love to jump back and fix it.

This could be the hardest part of Nanowrimo for me, which is at once amazing and surprising to me. Still, I can go back and fix it once I’ve completed the first draft in the 30 days and I’ll be happy when I can. I just have to wait a little longer.

But its tough.

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