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Research Rocks – Horror Anthologies

So, as Hopetown continue apace (wait, what?) I find myself taking more time to dig into old inspirational media. While many are obvious, some others are less so.

For example I feel a strong pull to watch British horror flicks from the 70s, and more specifically the anthologies from Hammer and Amicus. Things such as “Asylum”, “Dr Terrors House of Horrors” and “Vault of Horror”. Add to that the “Hammer House of Horror” tv show and that’s quite a bit of nostalgia to get through. I also eat up the DC Comics Showcase volumes of “House of Mystery” and would love to get some of the EC collections.

While Hopetown is a black comedy, these stories and tropes are arguably the building blocks of the idea. As I had watched many of these movies before my teens, Hopetown has been gestating for quite some time.

I’ll end the childbirth metaphor there.

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