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Okay, changing the theme (Not Procrastination)

First of all, procrastination has not won.

Truly, today was not designated a writing day so this isn’t me playing about dodging the draft (see, what I did there? No? oh). I’ve just taken a few minutes to review the site layout and it doesn’t work for me at the moment.  I think that the site will be more of a progress update but the layout is too high maintenance so it needs to change so it can meet this new requirement and when I do post something new and creative (e.g. some Smorgasbord, Endless Beginnings etc) it’ll just blend in.

So I’m going to take a bit of time today and at the weekend to see what other options there are. Nothing spectacular, but also nothing too boring either.  I probably will have to archive some of the previous entries but that’s fine.

Also, I could do with a proper logo if anyone feels creative and would like to do it for free or kudos?

Oh, I lost you at free eh? How about for some lollipops?

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