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Conceptual Procrastination

Procrastination takes many forms for me. Its not just that I can find something else to do other than write, because that would be too obvious and something I can overcome easily – ie prioritise and drop the other stuff to concentrate on the project. No, I have to do it subtly which in the main means that I am finding ways not to write by doing other things, even tentatively related to the project.

So I find myself doing some concept art for the book cover, or for the quad poster or in extreme times of tenuousness (I also make up words I think) I play about with this website. See previous post entitled “Okay, Changing the theme (Not Procrastination)”.

It’s like I tell myself everything has to be just right before I … well, just write. It’s all arse for tit, if you’ll pardon the expression (search results may be interesting now). the writing needs to and must come first. All this is nothing without the end product or at the very least some words on the page which make up a part of the whole.

I need to get focused otherwise I’ll never achieve any of my writing goals.

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