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Progress, damn progress

I mentioned last Monday about throwing out the prologue to ‘Tec and that I’d elaborate more soon, so thats why we’re here. 

In a nutshell it didn’t work. It did do what was originally intended – taking the reader right into the action – but as the payoff was a lame gag and the pace changed dramatically with the first chapter it didn’t seem right at all. Instead I’m taking things back to an earlier time in Mark’s life when his interest in detection first manifested itself.

After making the change I also realised that this is an important part of who the character is, and a big part of what drives him to make the decision and pursue such a career change. This way its more of a natural progression rather than “hey, I have some money and am out of a job – why don’t I become a detective” which, unless he’s still 8 years old, is a bit of a stretch.

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