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Monday Musings: While I Was Out

I’m not even going to think about when the last time I updated here was, so I won’t. Instead I’ll link to lots of pictures of puppies dressed as left handed celebrities.

Yeah, maybe not.

So, whats coming up? Well, I’ve thrown out the Prologue of ‘Tec and created an entirely new scene. More of that to come later this week, but expect more of a work update blog type of thing to run as close to daily as humanely possible.

The Smorgasbord will be updated as well, with more Recipe Tuesday, the utterly hilarious “Comics I Might Have Bought xx Years Ago Today”; the Pulitzer nominated Thursday Tales and the Darwin Award nominated Monday Musings. Friday Fatherhood will continue with this week a recap of some of the more interesting developments which may be done in Powerpoint format to add a new dimension of attractiveness and come hitherness.

Twitter nonesense can always also be found here.

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