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Living in Hope(town)

See what I did there?

So, following rapidly on from my post about changing things around with ‘Tec, I thought I’d write something about my new obsession – Hopetown. When I say new obsession its not something that suddenly changed in the hour or so since the last post – even my ADD levels aren’t that high. No, this all kicked into high gear at the weekend but the last post was half written and unpublished (hey, story of my life, right?) so I thought I owed it to that piece to let it go free since my brain had spent a good chunk of time coming up with it in the first place. Always good to recognise the contribution of your brain from time to time, otherwise it may start chucking the metaphorical toys out of the brain-pram.


I’ll go into more history about Hopetown soon, because its a much longer piece with over 15 years of history, but suffice to say at the weekend I had a brief inkling of an idea which took me away from the previous plan of writing a novel as part of the Macguffin Trilogy and more into the episodic format where Hopetown, or rather the main character Pontius Smith, first came to life.


Pretty quickly it moved into being a six episode black comedy, and by last night the entire first episode was outlined on index cards (or virtual equivalent) and today I hope to have the meat on the other five. Most of the characters are formed but descriptions need fleshed out and I may end up trying some sketching to help with that part. Please forgive me if I share descriptions as “stick man with wavy hair” or “stick woman with two heads with a tendency to argue in court” won’t you?

With any luck, the original Hopetown novel is still viable as there was a backstory referenced as part of the plot, which this series may actually become. Whether the series gets to see the light of day may or may not help the novel get written, but at the end of the day, the plan is named the MacGuffin Trilogy for a reason.

I just sometimes forget what.

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