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Stranded with bright green poo

Thanks to volcano Bjork, my holiday in Florida has been extended for a week at least. Bummer.

i think it was the trip to the Magic Kingdom that convinced me to let my conscience be my guide, so I’m working out here. Time difference wise I’m starting only 3 hours behind normal which means an early rise and start but also an early afternoon finish.

The trip has been lots of fun and continues to be so.

I haven’t been as creative as I’d like to have been but over the past day or so I’ve been putting aside more time to make progress. It has been slow but its progress. Spending time with Kate, Liam and Holly has been much more important though.

We stopped for ice cream yesterday which resulted in Liam picking this multicoloured concoction named Superman which at times looked like he was eating a painting or a bruise. Interesting side effect was that, on wiping his bottom today, Kate found that Liam’s poo was bright green.

I’m off to get some of that ice cream now.

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