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Monday Musing: Waiting…

I’ve been waiting for some news for quite a while now. This all links back to my post of a few weeks ago, and unfortunately there’s been no movement which is disappointing. I’m not sure I’d say its life changing stuff, but to use the bullshit bingo term it is “game changing” for me at least. So much so, that my happiness levels have been on a bit of a rollercoaster these past 3 weeks as my thoughts and predictions on the possible news twist and turn. Now I’m in the pessimistic quadrant (if such a thing exists) and I’m liable to stay with my glass half empty until the final confirmation is given.

I’m rambling of course, but thats okay because thats what Monday Musings is all about. It also demonstrates why I’ve not been updating here as often. My concentration levels are, as someone has commented quite succinctly in the past week, akin to Dory from Finding Nemo. Quite.

Normal service hopefully will be resumed this week.

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