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Monday Musings: A February Refresh

My life has changed recently, with a new addition to the family. Born on 18th December, Holly Louise joined the Little clan and its safe to say that things have been very different ever since.

Positively different of course.

Of course I can’t blame fatherhood for my lack of contributions to the site as procrastination is my middle name. On the contrary, what I would say is that becoming a dad again has inspired me to write more, which I part attribute to the birth being a fresh start, and part due to having a lot of time to think and plan while I pace up and down the 18 square foot space in the kitchen at 1am.

Embracing this new vigour, I have finally started up my personal website which will collate previous works (heh), these posts and updates on various projects. You can find it at if you like – and you might – so drop by.

I’ve also looked at the original plan for The Smorgasbord and only one themed day was ever updated on a regular basis. I’ve taken a look and worked out which do still have legs and which need to be shaken up or removed completely.

So, here’s the new weekly line-up.

Monday Musings: Thoughts on things. Hard to define as it will change from week to week. So far we’ve had subjects from flat pack furniture to hand dryers althought the latter one seems to be gone. I need to find it and repost.

Recipe Tuesday: Some of my favourite recipes that I need to share with you. In the main they are simple and always delicious. You must then go and make them. Immediately.

Wednesday Why: The best of the world’s weird.

Comics I Might Have Bought: My pull list for the week for the same day several years ago.

Thursday Tales: Posts on my pursuit of a literary career.

Friday Fatherhood: A summary of my week as a dad.

Spam of the Week: Best piece of spam seen in the comments section.

There you have it. Hopefully you’ll drop by regularly to read the plethora of content, or at the very least, help blow the tumbleweed across the virtual ghost town.


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