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Friday Fatherhood: The Hope of Week 8

Today marks a major milestone. Holly is 8 weeks/2 months old, which while in itself is good, it is also the alleged peak period for the dreaded colic.

For those who don’t know, colic is an affliction which affects 50% of babies and lasts usually from 3-4 weeks of age to 3-4 months. Unfortunately, there is no definitive cause for colic and therefore no cure. However, scientific thinking is that it is caused by underdeveloped digestive system which eventually works itself out (ie develops) and colic goes away.

Unfortunately, it causes pain. Lots of pain which often means that those affected by colic feel poorly early evening at least 3 nights a week (a handy aide memoire for colic is 3 hours, 3 nights a week for at least 3 weeks) which equates to long bouts of fraught crying.

When you hear the pain in the cries, you realise why the sounds of babies crying are used as effective means of torture.

While there are alleged solutions such as gripe water, Infacol, Colief and homeopathic remedies, in the majority of cases parents just have to ride it out. The name of the game then turns to soothing, which means the use of cuddles, white noise and late night drives around the block.

White noise seems to work for Holly and our hob fan has never been used more productively. While we’ve tried other sources, such as the washing machine or a downloaded iPhone app, the fan seems to be the most effective. Walking or swaying with her (often a dance works too) helps to lull her to sleep, followed by some watching of on-demand TV at around 2am.

So, the next few weeks will hopefully see the effects of colic subside and some pain free nights for Holly.

Of course, then she’ll start teething.

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