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Friday Fatherhood: Fake tan reminds me of…

Riding on the bus the other morning, my mind wistfully visiting somewhere warm and sleepy, I happened to notice a young woman waiting outside her office. It wasn’t that she was doing anything extraordinary, or particularly interesting, rather that her face was caked in fake tan. Which of course I recognised – the colour, not the face – as something I had seen recently. Yes, it was the colour of the inside of one of Holly’s nappies.

I smiled a lot that morning.

You see, there are benefits to changing nappies.

So, things are moving on and while I don’t think colic has gone, and she remains uncomfortably windy, she does seem to be able to sleep most of the night which is great because it gives her mum a well deserved rest for a few hours. Of course, I’m now touching virtual wood.

Even better are the smiles of which there are plenty.

On the first born front, Liam has now finished Stage 3 reading which is amazing. Kate and I both look forward to – and fight over – helping him with homework at night and we are both so happy with his progress. His writing is great as well – don’t tell him, but much more coherent than his dad – and last week he made a card for those from his old nursery and wrote in about half a dozen names. This was all for a visit last week as Holly will be starting there later this year.

This morning we had a read of the Tiny Titans trade I bought him for Christmas and he seems to like it. The geekification of my son continues apace.

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