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The Order Of All Things

You may have noticed that under the novel section there are 3 sections (at time of writing, so please don’t get mad at me if you join our merry band in 2012 and find 15 sections in there) which of course equate to 3 novels which are in various states of dress.

One problem I’ve always had is that the ideas are not hard to come by; in fact there are constant floods which can’t be stemmed by Bicarbonate of Soda or the like. However, its forming them into something more than just a few ideas which flumoxes me. I spend a lot of time on high concept, plot and some characterisation but actually knitting it all together and getting words down on the page is the difficult part.

I’m hoping that by articulating the process I’m going through will help me improve and get something complete, but by the same token I know what I really need to do is write and not spend all my time updating a website.

We’ll see.

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