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Endless Beginnings Hasn’t Run Its Course

By definition, using the word Endless in any endeavour, is bound to lead to longevity.

Perhaps I should put that in quotes, because I quite like that statement. Yes, I could quite happily be remembered for saying that.

I digress.

Endless Beginnings was intended to get me writing regularly and focus on the one area which I had had trouble with for years, the opening of the story. While it was partially successful on both counts, lack of time/interest or too much procrastination on my part doomed it to an early demise. However, there was an attempt to revive at one point, but that too died a death. I created the blog in April 2005 – which is 4 and a half years ago as I write this – with 3 posts and a hiatus before another 7 completed a frankly poor run.

However, I do believe that it is still a solid concept and worth another shot, so I will be folding it into the main site here to allow me to run through little exercises from time to time.

Here’s hoping it lasts a little longer than the last couple of attempts.

Oh, and just in case you ever want to go to the original scene of the crime, here is the site where it all began: I have absolutely no idea why I had the snake on the guy’s face though

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