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40 Days of Awesome: Day 39


My favourite movie of all time stars Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine in a quite extraordinary film based on the play by Anthony Shaffer. Both stars play their parts brilliantly – Olivier is the  best selling author Andrew Wyke who loves playing games; Caine is the hairdressing lothario who is having an affair with Wyke’s estranged wife – and capture your attention from the very first moment to the unexpected ending. The film is akin to one of Wyke’s games; complicated and full of twists and turns which elevate it from a standard whodunnit to a whosgonnadowhatnow?

The script fairly crackles and gives both actors ample opportunity to chew up the screen, taking turns to play victim and hunter, all the while seemingly having a ball.

Unlike many of the same genre, Sleuth bares watching many times because while the ending remains the same, there are some little touches and props which you will catch anew upon repeat viewings. I love to see which of the victorian mechanical toys or playsets.

An excellent film, beautfully written, acted and directed.

Oh, and a good trivia question is always, “Name a film where all of the actors were nominated for Oscars”.

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