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40 Days of Awesome: Day 36

Alfred Hitchock/Strangers on a Train

I love Alfred Hitchcock movies. Eat them up, I do. He created some of the greatest thrillers (Hell, lets say it, greatest films) of all time. My personal favourites are Rope, Vertigo, North By Northwest and I do have a soft spot for Family Plot, his last creation. But none of them compare to Strangers On A Train a classic which sees two men who both have someone in their lives that they would rather not – Guy Haines (Farley Grainger) a tennis professional who wants a divorce from his wife to marry a senator’s daughter, and Bruno Anthony (Robert Walker) who wishes his father were dead – meet and discuss swapping murders, this way ridding each other of their pain whilst providing the other with an alibi. Guy takes it as a joke but the psychotic Bruno does not and follows through, killing Guy’s wife and leaving evidence.

I’ll spoil no more, save to say that this is another example of Hitchcock’s mastery (the viewpoint of the murder being one) and that 2 key moments are set in the fairground. the second being the climatic battle on a children’s carousel which thrilling to say the least. The speed that the carousel rotates as the two men fight amidst the horses is only amplified by the shots of the carnie crawling underneath to get to the control booth and shut it off. Breathtakingly scary.

Nice Horsey

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