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40 Days of Awesome: Day 32


I may have mentioned my love for the Justice League Satellite era previously, and this is one of the reasons why. I’m a bit notorious on YMB for my love of Zatanna, and not withstanding the poor episode of Smallville which saw her make her small screen debut, it hasn’t waned.

Thing is, I can’t give a clear reason why. Is it the magic? Talking backwards to cast spells? A strong female character (when used correctly) who seems to be confident in not only her abilities, but her sexuality? The fishnets and top hat? Could be, but whatever it is, she’s one of my favourite characters in any literary form.

I remember at one stage, Barry Allen (aka the Silver Age Flash) lost his wife and, as part of the Justice League title, he and Zatanna became close. A romance seemed to be in the offing, and it was interesting to see such a drama being played out in a comic book. Even at that young age, I understood the trauma that Barry must have been going through and this young woman was there to help him and perhaps help him forget. It didn’t last because Zatanna realised that Barry still loved his dead wife, but I’ll always remember that subplot.

Zatanna became a key plot point in Identity Crisis, which was a big company wide event years ago and there are some reservations about the central concept and storyline, it did enough to prove that she is a strong character.

With Grant Morrison and Ryan Sook featuring a 4 issue mini tying into Seven Soldiers of Victory, to Paul Dini featuring her in his recent run on Detective (and her new ongoing series tha the is penning next year), I have been and will continue to be a happy bunny.

Litnu txen emit.

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