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40 Days of Awesome: Day 27

The Two Ronnies

Remember how I mentioned way back on Day 15 that Monty Python seemed to be something different compared to the usual comedy fare I watched as a child? You don’t? Don’t worry, I did. I did miss one out from the list though, and that was deliberate because The Two Ronnies were a class above the rest. Yes, people effused about Morecombe and Wise and they were funny, but for me Messrs Corbett and Barker were the classic comedy double act.

The list of classic sketches rolls off the tongue:

  • Fork Handles
  • The Ministry for Sex Equality
  • The Opticians
  • Crossed Lines
  • A Spokesman for the Ministry of Communication
  • Answering the question before last (a la Mastermind)

Add to this Ronnie Corbett’s weekly joke – an keen demonstration of wonderful tangential thinking but with a poor, often pun filled punchline – and lots of hilarious fake news bulletins and you have fantastically funny show.

However, then you add in some sparklingly inventive musical pieces and a few truly wonderful episodic sketches stretched across the series (The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town; The Worm that Turned; Charlie Farley and Piggy Malone) and its a wonder this show didn’t go on to rule the world.

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