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40 Days of Awesome: Day 21

Doctor Who

aka Tom Baker.

Yes, there have been plenty of others and at one time or another they’ve all done good work in the role, but for me Tom Baker was THE Doctor. Of course before him, John Pertwee was THE Doctor but once he was bitter by a giant spider and changed into Tom Baker, there was and would be no other. Even the first enemy he fought, The Giant Robot, freaked me out for a good few years and all that was was a Giant Robot. Through the Baker years not only did I become familiar with the nemeses of Davros, The Daleks, The Cybermen, the worst/best Master evah! but also the horrors of The Sontorans, and the Brain of Morbius. Plus, a cracking story where he’s accused of trying to assassinate the President of the Time Lords and he just breezes through it all.

Add to this some of THE BEST assistants of all time such as Sarah Jane, Leela and K9 and pretty much this is the watershed era of Doctor Who.

Still I’m pretty sure that when Liam gets to my age it’ll be the David Tennant or Matt Smith era.

We’ll see.

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