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40 Days of Awesome: Day 20

The Goon

Some people call comic books funny books. Maybe its a hark back to the days of comics in newspapers, and their enclosed section being known as the Funny Papers. Maybe I’ll look it up on Wikipedia, but no matter the history, the past 20 or so years have seen comics move to a darker and more serious place, with cheesecake added for some titillation (nothing wrong with that of course). So where did the funny in funny books go?


Eric Powell’s The Goon is a hilarious, and beautifully drawn book which tells the tale of a thug/enforcer named The Goon, and his best pal and brawlin’ buddy Frankie as they work to keep their small town under some modicum of control whilst also battling some strange (very strange) forces of darkness. Led by the Zombie Priest, who lives on Lonely Street, an undead horde attempt to wrestle control of the town and rule the world. Or something.

Supporting characters such as Dr Alloy, Buzzard and the sleazy, cheatin’, deadbeat dad Spider all play their part in Goon mythos and provide welcome distractions from the ongoing war against evil.

Each issue is loaded with great gags, whether they be puns, one-liners or slapstick and as I mentioned earlier beautiful art. And lurking beneath it all is a tail of pain and sadness, as the Goon’s history is not one of roses and

But don’t worry, this is a funny book in every sense of the word(s). Try it, it won’t disappoint.

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