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40 Days of Awesome: Day 18

Bloom County

For those who haven’t sampled Berkeley Breathed opus, featuring Opus the penguin et al, I heartily recommend it. I first picked up a collection in 1989 and loved the tales centred on the Bloom boarding house, which seemed to be more of a male commune now I come to think of it. While Opus took centre stage (with the sometimes dead, sometimes alive and always wasted Bill the Cat just slightly off towards the wings) the ecclectic cast of characters and the breadth thereof were so richly fleshed out, even in a weekly strip, that I truly had no favourite.

The strength of the strip was such that it helped me understand the vagaries of not only the American political system but also some of the more obscure (for me) celebrities from those shores. And by celebrities I include the likes of Tammy Fay Bakker and Mary Kay. Truly, the very definition of Fun and Educational.

Sadly, the strip ended and while Outland resurrected Opus and some of the key players, that Bloom County magic didn’t seem to move over to the new book. Still, the legacy is there as are the archive editions.


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