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40 Days of Awesome: Day 17

Unfortunately time vortex issues have prevented me from updating this daily. Lets sweep that under the geek rug shall we?

Championship Manager

Okay, I’ve listed 3 games so far and 2 are for The Beautiful GameTM. Interestingly enough, this is also one (of myriad) sports that I was and still am crap at. However, I do believe it clearly demonstrates the power of gaming that within a short while of cracking open the game I can be winning leagues, cups and conquering European club competitions. Hell, I think I even won the World Cup as Scotland. All of this pales into insignificance to when I won the Vans Trophy as Tranmere.

Anyway, a football management game which understands the power it has over the playing community (when you have loaded your game and look at status, you often see the likes of “You need to get some sunlight” or “That woman in the corner packing her bags is your wife”) knows its onto a winner and while often the updates were only minor tweaks but with full database updates so you can track when Luis Figo moved to Partick Thistle (and of course he always did with me).

Sadly, the peak for me was reached with CM 03/04 and I still play it from time to time. I’m not as addicted as I used to be, but you can never say never. I never really grasped Football Manager (which took all the best bits of CM other than the name) so the mid noughties version of Championship Manager brings all the good memories.

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