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40 Days of Awesome: Day 31

Louis Armstrong

I got into jazz late in the day. I got a new stereo system and to go with it I went and bought a few jazz cds including one by Louis Armstrong and his All Stars. I jumped to one I knew (Now You Has Jazz featuring Bing Crosby from the movie High Society).

I think I played it 30 times. Then about 40 for his version of Mack the Knife. Then I put the longevity of CDs to their ultimate test over the next few weeks, truly breaking in the stereo in.

The song which had the greatest effect on me was his version of La Vie En Rose, where his performance was so strong that I actually felt I could see him in some smoky jazz club, sitting down (no idea why) and delivering this amazing rendition of the classic song.

To this day, he is the one performer that I wish I could have seen live.

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