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Comics I Might Have Bought 28 Years Ago Today: 18th November 1981

Why will the X-Men fall when Kitty Pryde leaves? Because she’s got all the furniture in that case? Or maybe its the 10 speed racer thats up for grabs.


 Boy does Yellowjacket look like he’s in a funk or what? But wait, if he hurries, perhaps he can win a 10-speed racer. That’ll put a smile on his face.


Freud would have had a field day with this I’m sure. Of course now I’m thinking of that scene from Johns’ Avengers run with Wasp and Yellowjacket in Vegas.

Nice to see the Justice League spent a lot of their time being beaten way back when which proves its not a new phenomenon. Also, Superman looks more as if he’s swooning than beaten to a pulp by the Ultrahumanite. Also, not lack of 10-speed racer winning potential in the DC world. Shame.

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