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40 Days of Awesome: Day 9


Confused? You won’t be…

Soap for me is classic television, let alone classic television comedy. Parodying daytime Soaps, but with the stories turned up to ludicrous, it has at its centre 2 sisters and their different lives. While the normal soap staples were there (sex, murder, revenge, amnesia, secret children, power etc) very quickly the story arcs widened to include alien abduction, devil possessed children, cult abduction, regression hypnosis. You know what though, it never seemed silly. Interestingly, these self same plots could now be considered passée with real soaps.

It was essential Sunday night viewing, but I wonder whether watching it again about 30 years later would still be as good.

Would some of the magic be lost?

Could it stand up to repeat viewings?

Will I add the DVD sets to my list for Santa this year?

“These questions—and many others—will be answered in the next episode of Soap.”

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