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40 Days of Awesome: Day 7

Sunday Breakfasts

You can’t beat ’em can you? Whether its because of a wild Saturday night, or taking time out to chill and graze whilst reading the morning papers with their 700 supplements or just a time to chill with the family, Sunday Breakfasts are without a doubt a beloved meal. Nae experience.

Dare I say it, could the Sunday breakfast be the best meal of the week? For me it certainly is and has been for quite some time and while in my younger days that was because I was resting after a wild (or at least late) Saturday night and would load up on a full Scottish, breakfast (washed down with a pint on rare occasions) now it is because we have a tradition in the Little household and that is pancakes.

I make them each Sunday, and Liam helps in most cases, and its a true family ritual. I’m hoping it lasts for a good few years, not because I need to carb up every Sunday morning, but because I’m sure as the kids get older then we won’t have as many meals together.

If the Sunday pancake breakfast allows us to have at least one meal a week together, then it’ll be my favourite meal for quite a few years.

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