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40 Days of Awesome: Day 5

Sensible World of Soccer

I first discovered Sensible Soccer as a demo 3.5″ disk on one of the PC Gamer magazines but I didn’t buy it. When I read how great it was I went back for said magazine and they were sold out. Curses! I waited patiently for the game to eventually be released for the PC (Amiga owners had been loving it for a while) and paid full price for it. I then cut myself off from the world for quite some time.

Its such a simple and highly addictive game. Fast, fun and with simple pixelated graphics (the one eyed men) you could spend minutes or hours playing. Plus, with editing facilities you could customise to your hearts content or download updates (thank you Internet).

When a new version was released, Sensible World of Soccer (aka SWOS), I was awestruck. Leagues and career modes sucked me in and I was immersed in the same simple, fun world but it was truly epic in scale if you get my meaning. I even ran a website on Geocities (got bless them and all who sailed in them) with a competition, but it petered out after I realised how boring it was to watch 20 games in a row without actually getting to play.

Le sigh.

Every so often I break it out and play again, reliving the fond memories that are tinged with sadness because I could have achieved so much in my life if I hadn’t had that addiction. Oh, and now I have it for the PSP, so can play on the go.

Truly wonderful.

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